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In Your HEART | The Book

The Book

This entertaining and easy read gives an inspirational insight into how anyone can achieve the greatest challenge. The book combines the experience of cycling through the Himalayas with academic wisdom and words of wisdom from today's successful business leaders.

Current and aspiring business managers, particularly team managers, will read the book to learn how to improve their own individual performance at work, and that of their team. They will buy it to read in short digestible chunks, maybe while travelling.

In Your HEART provides guidance on improving individual and team performance in five key areas: managing your Health; tapping into your Energy levels; conscious Authenticity; Resilience, and learning and working with others -Team. The ideas are developed based on the authors' experience of mountain-biking through the Himalayas, which means the book divides naturally into two parts: the first being a travelogue of the strenuous biking journey, and the second a reflection on the elements that made the feat successful, backed up with management theory, personal experience, and the thoughts of modern business leaders, and concluding with advice and guidance for the reader.

The features most likely to appeal to potential readers are:

  • Practical advice and guidance for the business reader.
  • Short chapters, and a clear structure with information in easily-digestible chunks, that means the reader can dip in and out of the book depending on the time they have for reading.
  • An entertaining read, at the same time inspiring.
  • Insight from current business leaders.
  • Clear and simple language, avoiding jargon

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In Your HEART | The key to astonishing performance

In Your HEART: The Key to Astonishing Performance

By Ian Hunter & Chris Stock