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Personal Story: Simona Bissoo

Simona Bissoo

Simona is a marketing executive working at the IoD.

"After seeing Ian speak at the Marketing Week Live 2013, his sheer enthusiasm and his story inspired me to seek his book and learn more. I found "In your heart" a practical, simple and easy to read self-development tool and I really enjoyed it. The second part especially, served as a self-discovery journey. I found myself spending time on self-analysis by answering the points and questions raised in each chapter. It also inspired me to do some further reading into emotional intelligence, a concept new to me although it has been around for a while. Developing and enhancing your leadership skills are also covered here through practical examples from the authors' own experiences but also from some really interesting testimonials of other business leaders. The learning came easily through the story narrated with ease and honesty and I think that if you are looking for no non-sense advice that you can apply straight away and see results, this book is a good place to start. Like with most self-help books however, consistency is key and the methods described here only work if applied consistently, until they become a habit.".

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