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In Your HEART | The Hymalayan Adventure

The Himalayan Adventure

The idea for HEART was born when two professional guys (Ian and Chris) decided one day to do something a little different, in fact to tackle a huge challenge: to cycle through the Himalayas. No ordinary mountain-biking for them, but an experience that would require them to train for months to reach the appropriate level of fitness, to take on a terrain that would certainly provide a number of steep ups and downs. And for Ian, there was a spiritual dimension too: his friend Andy Lee had recently died, and Ian wanted to do something in his memory. He decided that his journey to the Himalayas would culminate in a visit to the home of the Dalai Lama, where he would leave Andy's order of funeral service. For Chris, the less fit of the two men, being able to enjoy the trip and appreciate the surroundings without absolute exhaustion setting in was his goal.

Ian and Chris’s Himalayan adventure took them across the Himalayas, camping and staying in mountainside accommodation, including some very challenging ascents. But it was at a tiny temple at the end of the Kangra valley where they chanced upon a holy man that the inspiration for the book came about. It was here that Ian asked the holy man: "Why are we here and what is it all about?"

The Pujari smiled and said: "Each and every one of us has been especially chosen to come to this place, this world, for a special purpose"

That wasn’t quite enough for Ian as he wanted to know when he had achieved his purpose, so he followed up with a second question: “How do you know if you have achieved your special purpose?” The Pujari responded: "You will know in your HEART".

It was this insight and the amazing adventures that inspired Ian and Chris to research and write the book, In Your HEART: The Key to Astonishing Performance.

Ian Hunter and Chris Stock during their Hymalayan Adventure