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In Your HEART: Astonishing You

A chance encounter with a holy man on a mountain bike adventure in the Himalayas gave Ian Hunter and Chris Stock insight into a new approach to achieving astonishing performance in business - by combining ones personal, spiritual and business life into a ‘whole person’ approach to achieving astonishing performance based on HEALTH, ENERGY, AUTHENTICITY, RESILIENCE and TEAM - HEART.

In developing the thinking behind HEART, Ian & Chris surveyed a cross-section of successful business leaders and practitioners, all of whom are either achieving or have already achieved astonishing performance. These included: International Businessman Sir Paul Judge; business writer Laurie Young; iBAHN managing director Graeme Powell; executive coach Elaine Waller; president and COO of Numerix Steve O’Hanlon; founder of award-winning agency Earnest Paul Hewerdine; and chairman and CEO of Continuous Insight Group Peter Pastides. They combined this insight with a rigorous review of academic research and the lessons from the Himalayan adventure to formulate HEART ... the key to astonishing performance.

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After a presenation by Chris & Ian audience members give their feedback on what they thought about HEART and what it has to offer.

Ian & Chris

Ian Hunter of In Your HEART

Ian Hunter is Vice President Services and Solution Marketing for Fujitsu’s $ multi billion International Business. He boasts a track record in global marketing with a specialism in technical and services marketing.

His career includes positions, in the UK and Saudi Arabia, at Plessey, NCC, P&P, ICL and Fujitsu. He has managed teams of up to 100 in sales and marketing and created relationship programmes with leading British industrialists. Ian is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and holds the Henley certificate in business coaching.

Ian is a PADI diving instructor, windsurfing and sailing enthusiast. In 2009, he entered the European Amateur Elvis impersonation championships in Blackpool, despite not being able to sing.

Chris Stock of In Your HEART

Chris Stock is a specialist in sales force transformation and is managing director of FourThirds, a successful sales consulting and training organisation that specializes in realising astonishing performance from the sales teams in some of the largest companies in the world. Chris has an MBA from Henley Business School, is an accredited executive coach and is a visiting tutor for the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Henley Business School.

Outside of work he is an accomplished snow ski and water ski instructor and contributes to the management of local charities.

The Book

In Your HEART | The key to astonishing performance

In Your HEART: The Key to Astonishing Performance

By Ian Hunter & Chris Stock

In Your HEART provides guidance on improving individual and team performance in five key areas: managing your Health; tapping into your Energy levels; conscious Authenticity; Resilience, and learning and working with others - Team. The ideas are developed based on the authors' experience of mountain-biking through the Himalayas, which means the book divides naturally into two parts: the first being a travelogue of the strenuous biking journey, and; the second a reflection on the elements that made the feat successful, backed up with management theory, personal experience and the thoughts of modern business leaders, concluding with advice and guidance for the reader.

Book reviews

Review by Anne James

So many gifts in one little book: it made me think, re-think, laugh, wonder, question, doubt, shout, challenge, smile, frown – and, ultimately, it inspired me to get on my bike and explore my own HEART.

Review by Antaeus

Great book. And a great uplifting story about their trip. Read this book to learn how to be Astonishing. Am now aiming to be Astonishing myself.